The Beaver game

About the game

The Beaver game began with a joke about Goat Simulator that somehow involved Beavers, and thus, Beaver Simulator The Beaver Game was created. The project quickly took on a bit of a life of its own, and I found myself spending quite a lot of time on it. Unfortunately other projects took priority.

With this game I was kind of trying to make something that wasn't at all violent in the sense of having the beaver attack or kill anything, unless they were trees, and, if you choose to switch to 'Otter Mode', fish.

I had a few weeks off work over christmas, and it was quite a lot of fun to attempt to realise something of this scale, handling the modelling, animation, programming and sound as a sole developer is something that is challenging but pretty rewarding when the plan comes together.

The beaver game is written with the Leadwerks game engine, which produces a pretty tight-looking scene at a good framerate with OpenGL4, I grabbed it off Steam during a sale mostly out of curiosity, but it has an Lua API that really appealed to me due to its compactness, and is pretty well integrated with Steam etc. for publishing on Windows/Linux (not that I am quite there with this one yet)

All modelling and animation, as with all my projects, is done with Blender, which is really a pretty amazing tool for this kind of thing.

Current status

2016-02-26 I had to go back to my day-job, and decided to work on a plan which would allow me to spend more time on this kind of thing. Things are working out quite well in that department, and I'm hoping to spin this one up again soon. Please email me if you are interested in this game and what happens to it.

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