Torpedo Time Game

About the game

Torpedo Time is a game idea that I had while chatting in the #reddit-gamedev IRC channel. Someone in there was talking about the lack of submarine games, and I thought it would be cool to do something with that theme - The 'game design document' for this project was thus a couple of lines of IRC conversation.

From Day 1 the project was conceived as something that would be simple and fun, with no complicated gameplay, and aimed squarely at the mobile market. I always loved the look and fast action of vertical-scrolling arcade shoot 'em ups, and thought the same gameplay style but using full 3D might be a neat perspective for a submarine game, so armed with these basic ideas i set out to make a game.

I decided to use Unity3D for this project - I had dabbled with Unity before, but never really warmed to it with version 3 and 4. Unity 5 seemed like it has a lot of cool stuff going on, and it had also been released natively for Linux, which is kind of my primary platform for software development, so I dived right in.

As development continued it became clear there was a fun game here, so I resolved to finish the prototype, turn it into a playable game and get it released as a commercial product on the iOS and Android stores

 Some concept artwork for boats and trees, by the very talented Rochelle McKelvie, who has been helping me out - raising the bar on art and style across several projects.

Current status

2016-04-26 Bit of a lull in work on TorpedoTime, as I have been busy working on some other stuff, which will feature on this site soon. However I have managed to get the services of Sion Evans, fresh off the boat from Wales, who is helping me out with some sound on the game. Its always great to see how much better quality assets you get when you get people with specialist skills involved.

2016-03-29 Started work on a less 'blocky' look for the terrain in the levels.. It needs more refinement, but I think it is more or less the style that will go in the finished game. Really have to try to avoid scope creep at this point, as more complicated artwork will take a hell of a lot of time to do right.

2016-03-26 Still haven't put much work in on art style, I have been distracted with other projects and Easter holidays. I did manage to put in the first boss unit anyway, the 'MegaDestroyer' - this ship has 4 turrets and a faster fire rate than the small destroyers that are the main enemy unit so far in the game. The MegaDestroyer is quite deadly, so the first boss-fight level will need to feature items the player can destroy for use as cover. A 3-level demo game that ends with the defeat of the first boss will be the first release of the game to my beta testers. Exciting!

2016-03-22 Did some planning around what units I will implement for the game release, and made a very basic outline of levels and bosses.Also added trails to the missiles, looks pretty effective.

2016-03-17 Decided on a better name for the game - 'Torpedo Time'. Not sure if it will stick. Did some work on multiple level support - there are going to be 10 levels in the first release of the game, with a 'boss fight' every three levels or so.

2016-03-15 Testing out an idea for a boat concept.. i thought it'd be cool to have a 'hotrod' look with big exhaust pipes on the boats so i whacked together a test model and tried that out in-game. I'm not sure it is what i'll actually go with, but its nice to be at the point where this stuff just drops in.

2016-03-14 Concept art for boats and trees is looking good.. We threw some ideas about 'steampunk' looks around, currently I am leaning towards a hybrid of the first and third boats in the panel as a basis for the look of the enemy units. I also wrote down some thoughts about a character and story to set the mission-based gameplay in. Watch this space.

2016-03-10 I am currently adding sound to the 'demo level' and having some concept art for a more coherent visual style developed - I am really happy with the 'Low poly and bright colours' look of the game as-is, but think it could do with a bit more refinement. I briefed Roc and am eagerly awaiting her concept sketches.
Once we have a visual style, and some decent sound effects, I will turn my attention to developing a number of levels for a finished game.

2016-03-04 Onscreen d-pad and controls have been revamped, and game is very playable when deployed to the web, my phone, and on Ben's Nvidia Shield TV box. Really excited about things at this point, it feels great to have something I can put in front of other people, and have them play it and genuinely enjoy the experience.

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